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  • "Like a fine wine, RL Jackson's writing becomes richer with age. Crashing No More is a finely crafted romance that will keep the reader turning pages in a feverish pitch to follow the characters to the finish line. "
  • Talk about a whirlwind of a read.  There is loads to keep you invested and also the chance to watch the characters grow stronger. This is the authors debut series and she has in my opinion done it well. She didn't allow the story to become stagnant and provided enough information where it wasn't overly done but balanced well. An exciting read that will leave you wanting more from her in the future.
  • Florida author R.L Jackson's series THE CRASHING SERIES of which CRASHING INTO ME is Book One shows promise of a very well skilled romance writer – a ringmaster of a dark circus of players whose identities may be a bit difficult to isolate at times but whose interaction produces a fast-paced ride guaranteed to keep your attention and your adrenaline high.
  • An excellent continuation of the previous books' story! I love the suspense that is riddled throughout Jackson's works. I really feel for the characters and their situations. I'm thoroughly engulfed by everything!

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